Nov 11

Invitational Hula ...

Honolulu, United States
11 Nov - 13 Nov 2016

Apr 3

Fertility Festival

Kawasaki, Japan
3 Apr - 3 Apr 2017

May 8

F1 Grand Prix of S...

Barcelona, Spain
8 May - 10 May 2017

Invitational Hula Festival

Invitational Hula Festival

Fascinated by Hula Dance? than it is a must for you!...Read More

Fertility Festival

Fertility Festival

Those who attend the ceremony aren’t ashamed to have their picture taken while mounting a huge wooden penis, or enjoying a phallus shaped lollypop, it’s all about getting into the atmosphere and leaving shame and prejudice at the door....Read More

F1 Grand Prix of Spain.

F1 Grand Prix of Spain.

Formula 1 which is probably the most expencive, the most spectacular and the most exclusive out of all sport gather more and more fans. Another race that you can see by yourself....Read More

9/11 12th  anniversary

9/11 12th anniversary

The World has changed after the tragic terroristic attacks on New York City and Washington... and nothing seems the same any more......Read More



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