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Crocus amazing explosion

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Category: Nature
Where: Zakopane, Poland
When: 15 Apr - 31 May 2017

When Spring begins and the last snow in the Tatra Mountains begin to melt the amazing cpectacle of flower explosion takes placesthere in Tatra Mountains. The purple carpets of Crocuses spred all over the slopes are brief taking. If you plane to visit Tatras in the spring and you wish to walk to the Valeys like Chocholowska or Koscieliska it is strongly recommanded to go there when crocuses grow. As this beautiful nature event takes place every year, please, remeber that it is impossible to forsee the exact time it takes place as it is strongly connected with the temperatures and the times when the spring comes. The crocuses, however, grow for some weeks so there is a chance you can make it.


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