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Wianki - midsummer festival in Krakow

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Category: outdoors
Where: Krakow, Poland
When: 20 Jun - 20 Jun 2017

Crowds of Krakow people have for years been gathering in the second half of June on the embankments of the Vistula at the foot of Wawel Hill to listen to concerts, watch open-air events and firework shows, and, of course, enjoy themselves together. The Casting of the Wreaths, in Polish Wianki, is a great open-air spectacle that follows on the traditional rites of Midsummer night or St John’s Night, brimming with magic and auguries: one of the most important festivities of the ancient Slavic culture. Known also as the night of the god (or goddess) Kupala, and celebrated during the summer solstice, it was the festivity of unity, the congress of fire and water, Sun and Moon, man and woman, fertility and harvest, and joy and love.
Every year, Krakow Festival Office invites stars of the musical scene of world renown to give concerts. The series has brought to the city such stars as the British group Jamiroquai, on the A-list of world pop music. Wianki 2009 belonged to Lenny Kravitz: it was the American star's only concert in Poland, and moreover, admission was free.
Traditionally, the crowning of the entire evening is a spectacular fireworks show.


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