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blooming Tulips in the Netherlands

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Category: Nature
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When: 11 Apr - 22 May 2017

When are the tulips in bloom in Holland? -
The tulips are in full bloom from around mid-April to mid-May, although the weather just prior to this period may lengthen or shorten this time frame by a week or two. Visit our Tulip Time page for more info.
Why are tulips grown in Holland of all places?
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Tulips were introduced into the Netherlands at the end of the 16th century by Carolus Clusius. People in the Netherlands were quick to take an interest in these bulbs and started experimenting with growing them in the gardens around their homes. Because the demand for tulips grew, an increasingly professional approach was devoted to their cultivation, and it turned out that the coastal area ? and especially the strip of land just inside the Dutch dunes - had the perfect conditions for this. See similar questions...


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