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Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

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Category: Other
Where: Leaken, Belgium
When: 24 Apr - 14 May 2017

Once a year the sizeable Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are open to the public for 3 weeks (entry 2 €, open 1pm to 4pm, from late April to early May, check official website for exact dates). This is an opportunity to approach the Castle of Laeken (closed to the public), where the Belgian royal family resides. The greenhouses and gardens accessible to visitors make up the north-eastern corner of the Domain of Laeken, one of the largest green space in the Brussels Capital-Region.

The Greenhouses buildings were designed in 1873 by architect Alphonse Balat for King Leopold II. There are hundreds of species of plants and flowers, and part of the original 19th-century collection still exist. The collection of camelias (over 100 species) is the largest and oldest of the kind in a greenhouse.

Visitors will be able to contemplate blossoming cherry trees in the gardens, with the Japanese pagoda in the backdrop. It is a real must for plant lovers if you happen to be in Brussels during this period of the year.


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