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Rio de Janeiro carnival

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Category: festival
Where: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
When: 4 Mar - 8 Mar 2017

Carnival is Rio's main event. It happens at the peak of summer, when Cariocas are at their best. Festivities attract thousands of people from all corners of the world. Carnaval, as spelled in Portuguese, is a 4-day celebration. It starts on Saturday, and ends on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi-Gras. Carnival Sunday is seven weeks before Easter Sunday. Dates change every year. in 2010 it happens from February 13 through 16.

The origins of Carnival are unclear, but most agree that it started as a pagan celebration in ancient Rome or Greece. Carnival balls were imported to Rio from Italy in the late nineteenth century, and had their golden era in the 1930 through 50's, with legendary balls at the Copacabana Palace and the Municipal Theater.

The Samba Parade began in the 30's - first timidly at Praça Onze, and later on Av. Presidente Vargas. It found a permanent home in 1984 at the Sambodrome, a structure in the downtown area. Today the Samba Parade is broadcast to dozens of countries, and all Brazilian states. Many people think of it as the greatest show on earth.

Rio Carnival 2011 dates: March 4th until March 8th

Rio Carnival 2012 dates: February 17th until February 21st

Rio Carnival 2013 dates: February 8th until February 12th

Rio Carnival 2014 dates: February 28th until March 4th

Rio Carnival 2015 dates: February 13th until February 17th

Rio Carnival 2016 dates: February 5th until February 9th

Rio Carnival 2017 dates: February 24th until February 28th

Rio Carnival 2018 dates: February 9th until February 13th

Rio Carnival 2019 dates: March 1rd until March 5th

Rio Carnival 2020 dates: February 21st until February 25th


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