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The Procession of the Three Kings

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Category: outdoors
Where: Madrid, Spain
When: 5 Jan - 6 Jan 2017

The Procession of the Three Kings (Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos) is a popular Christmas tradition throughout Spain. Celebrations in the capital include theatrical re-enactments, pageants and enough sweet distribution to keep every Madrid dentist busy for the next year.

Thirty carriages equipped with around 7000 kilos of sweets traditionally wind their way through Madrid's streets from Retiro Park to the Plaza Mayor via Sol. However, recent building works have meant that some years the parade has taken a different route. Check this year's itinerary with the Madrid tourist office before you show up.

The Procession of the Three Kings, greets the crowds with handfuls of sweets. At the final destination there are numerous theatrical activities for children.

Hordes of people turn up to enjoy Madrid's Procession of the Three Kings. Estimates in the last few years have put the attendance figure at around half a million. Children and parents alike grin and bear the Christmas cold. Sweet tooth or no sweet tooth, this event is bound to sweeten up your Christmas!


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