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Throwing Cell Phones Championship

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Category: outdoors
Where: Savonlinna, Finland
When: 1 Aug - 31 Aug 2017

The cell phones used for cell phone throwing can vary widely. Certain contests in this unusual sport provide all throwers with one phone model, while other competitions let you use any cell phone that weights more than 220 grams or 7.7 oz. In Europe, the sport is called Mobile Phone Throwing, while you will find it under the title Cell Phone Throwing in the United States.

Cell Phone Throwing is a popular sport in Finland, where you can even compete for throwing your poor old phone as far as you possibly can. You can even join the World Cell Phone Throwing Championships if you think you are good enough (or if you just want to brag about being in a World Championship of some sort!)

You will see flying cell phones at the big event taking place each August in Savonlinna, Finland (3-4 hours from Helsinki).


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