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Rijeka Carnival

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Category: festival
Where: Rijeka, Croatia
When: 21 Jan - 6 Mar 2017
Website: http://

This area’s shrove-tide tradition dates back to prehistoric times. Through the inclusion of the local population, Shrove-tide has become interpreted as a Carnival and has become a traditional way of having fun, relaxing and reacting to life.

Shrove-tide customs in this area have origins which date back to ancient times, when, according to popular legend, the so called “Ugly masks”, by their rumpus joy, chased away evil forces, evoking the spring and celebrating the birth of new life. The bellringer we can see today is identical to the one who, some centuries ago, defended his land from the Ottoman invasion.

A hundred years ago, Rijeka lived its carnival life more intensely than any other city in this part of Europe. Carnival parades and carnival balls were organized in which the Austrian and Hungarian aristocracy, Russian princesses, German barons, countesses and counts from all over Europe took part. Shows such as, for example, a very suggestive "Flowers holiday" were organized in the theatre, where the stage and orchestra would become a huge dancing hall.


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