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World Festival on the Beach

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Category: outdoors
Where: Palermo, Italy
When: 16 May - 22 Feb 2017

Every year, during the month of May, Mondello beach in Palermo, Sicily plays host to the annual World Festival on the Beach. This festival is a celebration of beach culture and the outdoors life and the festival has become a very popular summer event which now attracts people from across Italy and further afield. This World Festival on the Beach is usually a weeklong event that features a number of different activities such as windsurfing, beach volleyball, paragliding and sailing.

The week’s events normally begin with a cycle race followed by a water combo race which is a combination of canoeing, running and swimming. On the first two days of the festival, the beach volleyball tournaments take place, featuring both the Italian Series for men and the youth beach volleyball tournament. One of the most important events of the World Festival on the Beach alos tends to be the Windsurf Classic Olympics, European Open Championship.

Other events which you can expect to see and apply to compete in include the many surf competitions, golf driving competitions, float plan exhibitions, skydiving, paragliding and parachuting. The festival is also famous for music and usually puts up a few jazz concerts and performances from various other music styles. The weekend at the end of the festival is dedicated to the tall ship races that take place from Palermo to Mondello.

The next events dates:

16 - 22  May  2011

14 - 20 May 2012

20 - 26 May 2013

19 - 25 May 2014

18 - 24 May 2015

16 - 22 May 2016


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