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The Monkey Buffet

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Category: festival
Where: Lopburi, Thailand
When: 25 Nov - 27 Nov 2016

Every year, the people of Thailand bring homage to Rama, a hero of the Ramayana who, is said to have helped his ally Hanuman, the monkey king, with the fiefdom of what is now Lobpuri. The locals prepare a regular feast for the monkeys that live in the vicinity of Pra Prang Sam Yot temple. The feast includes numerous types of fruits and vegetables as well as fruit-flavored blocks of ice for the small primates to lick and canned fizzy drinks. In recent years the festival has become more and more popular at an international level and the authorities go out of their way to satisfy the over 2000 monkeys in the area, which, in turn, entertain the tourists.


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