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Summer Redneck Games

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Category: outdoors
Where: Dublin (ga), United States
When: 1 Jul - 31 Jul 2017

The Summer Redneck Games started back in 1996, when Atlanta was hosting the Olympic Games and everybody was making jokes about a bunch of rednecks hosting such an important event. Mac Davis, the games’ creator decided to play along and together with some volunteers, put up a schedule of redneck games for locals to compete in. They were expecting around 500 people to attend and ended up with 5000. That’s how it all started and now more than 20,000 people attend the festivities every year. Events include the Mudpit Belly Flop, Bobbing for Pigs Feet, Hubcap Hurl, Seed Spitting and everybody’s favorite, the Armpit Serenade. I know it sounds dirty, but it’s all good, clean fun accompanied by all the hot-dogs and hamburgers you can eat. YEE-HAA!!!


The Games take place in July in Various days. Please, check carefuly the exact dates this year.


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