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The Cheese Rolling Festival

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Category: outdoors
Where: Gloucester, United Kingdom
When: 30 May - 30 May 2017

Year after year, Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire hosts one of the world’s wackiest events, The Cheese Rolling Festival. 5 races take place here every year (one for the ladies) and they all have one single purpose, to win a huge piece of Traditional Double Gloucester Cheese. For that competitors have to run down the hill after the piece of cheese has been rolled and cross the finish line first. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Well the steep slope makes it impossible to stay on your feet all the way down so injuries are quite common, however they are mostly minor and the contestants always come back to compete next year. There are also uphill races for boys under 12 and for girls and after all the races are over, sweets are scattered all-over the hill and kids hurl to gather them, it’s a whole lot of fun!


The event takes place on every Last Monday of May annually.


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