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Fertility Festival

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Category: festival
Where: Kawasaki, Japan
When: 3 Apr - 3 Apr 2017

Just like the Japanese like to import elements of Western culture, they also attract many foreigners through their traditions. More and more Americans and Europeans attend the Japanese Fertility Festival every year, because they find the people here very open, not at all ashamed of their sexuality. People here are allowed to do things they would be arrested for in cities like Paris or London. The phallus is the main theme of the festival and it can be observed everywhere, in decorations, candy, illustrations, carved vegetables. Those who attend the ceremony aren’t ashamed to have their picture taken while mounting a huge wooden penis, or enjoying a phallus shaped lollypop, it’s all about getting into the atmosphere and leaving shame and prejudice at the door. The Phallic Festival grants participants protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

The Event takes place on First Sunday of April, annually.


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