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Salvador da Bahia Carnival

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Category: festival
Where: Salvador De Bahia, Brazil
When: 3 Mar - 9 Mar 2017

Carnival in Bahia is as fervent on its expression and tradition as the Rio’s, though rather different. Essentially, the Carnival in Bahia (Salvador) is a musical and folkloric expression, centred in Trio Electricos – musical cars, carrying musicians and top singers. It’s the Trio Electrico that scatters the music and puts everyone in carnival trance.

There are dozens of Trio Electricos, each one acting in a different street circuit, performing different musical themes, allowing people to choose and accompany the preferred music and performers. The sounds aren’t limited to samba. Most of the top musicians of Brazil prefer and are presented in Salvador da Bahia Carnival. They are the heart of its success and brightness. Musically speaking, Salvador Carnival is better than Rio’s one. Only visually does it come behind.

Besides the central piece of the Carnival in Bahia (the Trio Electricos), there are folkloric components, as the afoxé, a kind of musical processions, very attached to African traditions and ways of dressing. The type of sound produced at the afoxe – very monotonous -, and the lyrics, are a direct expression of the practice of the slaves brought by the Portuguese to Brazil.


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