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Tokyo Carnival

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Category: festival
Where: Tokyo, Japan
When: 27 Aug - 27 Aug 2017

Do you want to enjoy a Tokyo event tinged with an international flavor? Have you ever experienced the spell of the passionate rhythms of the samba attracting about 500,000 Tokyo sightseers? If not, visit the city in the month of August and be a part of the Asakusa Samba Carnival, an annual fiesta, on a Saturday towards the end of the month, in Asakusa, Tokyo.

This Samba Festival started in 1981, is a new event. Since the town of Asakusa grew up around a place of worship, it observes many traditional festivals. When the Mayor of Taito City asked the year's Rio Carnival winning group in Brazil to put on a display, the festival started since then. The chief appeal of the carnival is the samba parade competition.

Here during this festival you will find the Rio flavor. Looking for a visual feast? Well, bright eye-catching costumes with beads and plumes of unusual colors will obviously satisfy your vision. This time from Brazil, about 3,500 lovers of samba rhythms come from all over Japan. And the carnival is comprised of the competition amongst all the teams. There are also plenty of ingenious devices that embody original ideas, including flower-decked floats on motor vehicles and allegoria handcarts with sound systems.


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