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Calcio Storico

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Category: festival
Where: Florence, Italy
When: 24 Jun - 24 Jun 2017

"Calcio storico fiorentino," or historic Florentine soccer.
This custom, and indeed the game has its origins in ancient Greece, whence the Romans moved it to yourself. It was so-called Harpastum, or sport, practiced by the legionaries and regarded as the ancestor of today's rugby and football.
Sometimes also called "Calcio in costume" - Costume soccer because pilkarze play in costumes modeled on the medieval.
First wzmnianki of "calcio" come from XV century. Matches were held then in the carnival, but then, over the years, began to be held around June 24 - at St. John - the patron saint of Florence.

The game holders attend 4 teams from the four districts of the city:
- Bianchi (Whites) - Santo Spirito
- Azzurri (Błękitni) - of Santa Croce
- Rossi (red) - from Santa Maria Novella
- Verdi (Greens) - San Giovanni
Three matches are played - two games a few days earlier and the final on June 24. Everything happens on the Piazza Santa Croce (Holy Cross), covered with sand on these occasions. There are 27 players from each team in the match which lasts 50 minutes.
Pitch is rectangular, with suspended on opposite sides of the arrays, performing the roles of goals.

In this game, everything is permitted! Competitors even prefere to fight, than waste time on some stupid Pile goals. But when too much of a funnel, the referee tried to calm the fighters - that is his main tusk. The goals are watched by the line judges.
Sometimes, when the players are extremely unleashed as for example when one player had his ear bitten off, the game is forbiden for a few years. Then the Office of the City, however, dismiss the prohibition, because the athletes' will to fight is so great that they fight somewhere in the city anyway.


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