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Cracovia Sacra Night

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Category: Culture
Where: Krakow, Poland
When: 14 Aug - 16 Aug 2017

Visit the monk cell, enter the vault with mummies, to sing Gregorian chant and the rest in the monastery garden. Cracovia Sacra is a unique event which aim is to show the religious phenomenon of Krakow, often called the second Rome.

On those nights the most beautiful temples, along with the monastic buildings of Krakow and its surroundings, will allow visitors to discover the historical churches, learning the intricacies of life of the monks and the monastic treasuries, which usually remain closed to outsiders.

Each time, there is a Motive of the Night Cracovia Sacra. The first edition in 2008, was called "Station Churches" - Seven churches in Krakow, which by decree of Pope Urban VIII was endowed privileges of seven churches of Rome. A year later, the guests discover Cracow and churches and monasteries, in which are Crowned Paintings of Mother of God (among other things.: Wawel Cathedral, St. Mary's Basilica  Franciscans Basilica, Corpus Christi Church, Carmelite Church, Bernardine, St. Stephen's, Church of Our Lady Queen of Polish - The Ark of the Lord in Nowa Huta). Sacra Cracovia third Night (14 and 15 August 2010) was devoted to the holy and blessed Krakow. Organizers invited to hike "the trail of saints" by the churches and monasteries, where their relics are hidden.

2011 Night of Cracovia Sacra is organized for the fourth time. Its theme will be the Papal Smaller Basilicas - there are eleven in Krakow , which makes this city - of course, beside of Rome - in the lead among cities in the world.


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