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Castle Party

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Category: festival
Where: Bolków, Poland
When: 26 Jun - 26 Jun 2017

This exceptional Festival takes place annualy in Bolkow - a small Polish City at the German and Chech borders. Feel free to take part in this picturesque and astonishing event to meet people of various cultures and listen to the music. The truth is that it is mostly Goths who are there but everyone is welcome. It all started on the Grodziec Castle in 1994. On August 20th a small group of fans (about 300 people) came to see 5 bands which were just starting their careers at that moment. They were: Moonlight, Daimonion, T.R.H., Pornografia & Fading Colours. The incredible ambience of this castle concert was the reason for the next edition of festival. The second festival lasted two days (25th-26th August '95). Apart from Moonlight there came all the bands from the previous edition and also Closterkeller, De Ville, Robi, Christblood, Sirrah & Canadian duet Psyche. Darrin Huss, the frontman of the band, remembers the show up till today. Around 800 people took part in this edition of festival. The third festival took place on 2nd-3rd August '96. The bands that gave their show there were: De Volanges (Belgium), Funhouse (Sweden), Artrosis, Reinkarnation, Closterkeller, Fading Colours, Charlottehead, T.R.H., Pornografia, Hedone, Daimonion, Agressiva 69, Moonlight, PCM, Christblood, Robi. The competition was won by polish band - Freeport. The large number of fans (about 1000) made the managers change the site of the festival. The Grodziec Castle was too small. That's why the fourth edition was moved to the courtyard of the Bolkow Castle. Around 1500 people saw P. Vampire (the USA), Swan Death (Belgium), Agressiva '69, L.D., Fading Colours, Nowy Horyzont, Dom Snow, Artrosis, Mesmerisa, Batalion d'Amour, Riggor Mortiis, Lorien, Exit, God's Bow, T.R.H., God's Own Medicine, Season, Freeport. At the end of the festival, P. Vampire & Swan Death 'merged' to give a spectacular show for Polish fans. After party played there DJ Maken.


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