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Category: Nature
Where: Saint Raphael, France
When: 28 Jan - 29 Jan 2017

This event takes a year of its rights in the city of mimosa. Two day showcase plantscollection of rare plants and beautiful garden ornaments at six locations in the village.

Old fruit, citrus, roses, bamboo, aromatic sage, water iris, camellias and perennials, palms, cactus, lavender, orchid ... the delight of an audience, in the corridors of Park Cigalou.

Event botany and meeting place for enthusiasts, collectors Mimosalia gives joy to broaden their knowledge, expand their collection and be with thirty nurseryproducers, members of the AsPeco, from all over France, and that thirty specialists Decoration and Art of the Garden.

Finally a chance to admire the time of a weekend the unique collection of mimosas Gerard Cavatore of 185 varieties (national collection).

If you admire nature or just like be surrounded by beauty - this is a must. Do not miss it !


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