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Ski Jumping in Lillehammer

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Category: sport
Where: Lillehammer, Norway
When: 2 Dec - 4 Dec 2016

<p>ski jumping is a fascinating sport game which is mostly popular in Europe. There are some competitor from USA but the only realy qualified jumpers from outside Europe are the Japans. <br />The best ski jumping teams have been Austrians, Germans and Norwegians for many years, but there have been also brilliant individuals like Simon Ammann from Switzerland and Adam Malysz from Poland.</p>

<p>There are always many laughing and screaming supporters who warm up the cold air and have a great fun when their representatives fly in thin air.</p>

<p>Go and support your flying hearos. Have fun and admire great sportsmen, picturesque landscapes and fresh air.</p>

<p>For many competitions in Winter Cup it is essential to book tickets for many days before competition day.</p>

<p>To learn more about ski jumping, the competitors and competitions schedule, please, visit</p><a <a href="">FIS Website</a>

Lillehammer was a host city of Olympic Games in 1994. This picturesque little town at Mjosa lake is worth of seeing!


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